How and why to make a Google Scholar profile

Dear [Academic Whom I Admire],

  1. go to
  2. click the button on the upper left that says "my profile" and follow the instructions.
  3. personally, I do not let it automatically update my publications, but periodically go and check that it hasn't scraped stupid things or mistaken me for another J Bryson (it will email you when there are new papers to possibly add to your profile if you let it. These tend to come in batches.) 
  1. having a profile makes it easier for people to find papers you wrote that haven't been cited much.
  2. by default the profile shows your papers in order of citation, but if you click "year" (link above the year column on someone's profile's list of publications) then it shows them most-recent first. This is what I'd particularly like to see of yours :-) Often interesting academics shift gears and do new and different things, and these don't get cited initially so are hard to dig thoe up if you haven't happened to run into them. 
    1. here's my profile by citation
    2. and by year


from: [Academic Whom I Admire]
subject: Re: could you please take 5 minutes and make a google scholar page? :-)

Sure, but would you please give me a little more information about how to do it? Thank you.

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