Who can believe this is hard to make? But it's hard to get the balance right. But I think I've gotten there. Thanks to some Internet searches but I didn't find this exact combo anywhere.

  1. Take four lemons (organic is better since we'll eat some rind) and slice off the skin of the ends and then four of the sides, so you just come near the actual pulp.  
  2. Slice the lemon cubes into 1 cm thick slices and throw into a blender. 
  3. Also put in the blender a cup of ice (to make it cold.)
  4. a half cup of sugar
  5. some water such that the blender is about 2/3 full of water
  6. about a cubic centimeter of ginger
  7. Turn it on and try to get everything to blend (start slow, it takes time)
  8. Pour out of the blender into a pitcher through a sieve. You will have to squeeze the pulp / push it through the sieve to get enough of the juice out.
  9. Fill the pitcher all the way up with water.
Cubed lemon (by peeled bit of ginger). How much peel you leave depends on how you feel about the flavour of "zest".