Open letter to Picturehouse Cinemas re my ownership of the risk from the profile they are making of me

Not to pick on any one organisation – it's kind of sweet that they are trying not to spam me.

Dear Picturehouse,

I've been opening your email but not clicking on the links because I've been busy / travelling.  I gather you are putting cookies in the links if you are sending me this mail?  Which means you are building a profile of my interests.  Did I give you explicit permission to do that?  Could you show me where?  Also, how are you protecting my data?

I don't have a problem with you building aggregate statistics of the interests of your members, but I really do not want your database to be part of my personal risk profile.


On 5 August 2017 at 05:07, Picturehouse Cinemas <> wrote:

Could you really say goodbye?

We've noticed that you haven't opened one of our emails in a while, and we don't want to be just another unread message clogging up your inbox.

We'd like to invite you to update your preferences to make sure that you're only receiving emails that interest you.

If you would no longer like to receive emails from us, you can unsubscribe. We'd be sorry to see you go, of course.