AI phone games for kids

I invited two different academic friends to lunch in Bath a few years ago, and they bonded over the fact that one had made a phone math game that the other's children loved, and the other was a professor of mathematics so particularly impressed.  I just ran into a third formerly-academic friend whose kid was outgrowing a math game she'd previously enjoyed, so I wrote my other friends for recommendations.  I got a fair few back, and thought I should share them:

  • From Adam Smith: Refraction, DragonBox ()
  • From  Elizabeth Wilmer:   Dreambox (not a phone thing but maybe had real people involved), Dragonbox, those are the two things with pretensions that they actually used; Math Bingo, Thinkrolls, iOrnament is something else entirely but pretty awesome

So I guess it was Dragonbox was that initial game, but if you have kids, you may want to check them all out.