"What comes after Trump" might be better, not worse

This is rampant speculation, but I'm sick of the narrative (being partly driven by a sensationalist media more concerned about money than social stability) that the next thing after Trump will be even worse.  It is at least possible that Trump is just what happens when a party based on preserving the interests of a minority faces the "post" [not] factual age.  There's only so far you can go with signalling identity that really is only shared by an ever-shrinking portion of Americans; being more insanely extremely a part of them can only get so many of them to turn up and vote – at most 100%.  Maybe the next step will be the Republicans figuring out how to adopt policies that benefit closer to half the population.  That's what the British Conservatives are trying to do, though the masses they're currently targeting are the same Trump is, they will hopefully lose enough of their former core support to the LibDems that it won't matter.