What Makes a Person? Five Reasons Not to Other AI

Bidan Huang teases Aude Billard's robot
I'd hoped to write this as a paper for the AAAI Senior Track but didn't make the deadline, but at least I got the talk together in time for Robotics in the Twenty-First Century: Challenges and Promises, which I'm attending now.
What Makes a Person?  Five Reasons Not to Other AI
 The second half of the title was kind of a joke, but may be unnecessarily confusing especially for non-native speakers.  "Othering" is ordinarily used to describe the process of denying or refusing to acknowledge mutual aspects of identity with another person – making them out group.  But here I'm talking about not making robots into others, but accepting them as part of ourselves – as artefacts of our culture rather than as members of our in group.

I think the slides are pretty clear and hopefully persuasive, but there's no video of the talk so you may want to see some of my related blogposts: