Yuppie Love (song from ~ 1989)

One of the songs that didn't make the infamous "not a fish" EP:
Yuppie Love

We could go anywhere
Do anything we want
You and I could be
Exactly what we want
We could go anywhere
Do anything we want
You and I could be –
If you would only dare to believe me
(Please don't leave me)

Verse 1
I don't know what I want to do
But I know what I cannot lose
I don't know what words to say
But I can't lose you anyway

Verse 2
Four legs are better than two
It's amazing what I feel for you
Two incomes no free time
Yuppie love's just a dream of mine
I should say that I wasn't dating anyone at the time, the "you" was hypothetical. Two things bring this song to mind today:
  1. Brexit, where (among other things) 64 million people (including me and Will) just lost the right to live and work anywhere in a fantastically diverse 27 country region,  That's why I became a UK citizen: I had earned "indefinite leave to remain" in the UK on my USA passport, but I wanted to be able to live in Austria for my previous sabbatical, and for that matter anywhere else.  Also, 444 million people just lost the right to live in one of the few European countries where they knew the language, or at least were likely to have learned it at school.
  2. I learned a new song today, at the West Windsor Farmer's Market.  It was performed by Mountain View, a bluegrass band I assume is local but that obviously haven't thought too much about their fans Googling them.  Anyway, the song goes like this:  
    If I could be anyone that I wanted to be
    I'd be me just loving you
    If I could go anywhere see what I wanted to see
    I'd see me just loving you
I met Will 20 years ago this past January, and I started dating him 20 years ago come August. I love you Will :-)