Update on (Accelerating!) AI Car Wars

I just added the below to my AI ethics & Car Wars post, but I also stuck it here so you don't have to scroll down if you already read that post.  And to acknowledge that I only know about the below because I follow my collaborators Miles Brundage and  Mark Riedl on twitter.  I really hope twitter doesn't make itself as unusable as Facebook.  We'd all have to go to Google+ or something.

Actually, it wasn't only my title that got dated in the two weeks I was chasing conventional publishers.  Google & Ford teamed up, (right after Ford was held up specifically as an example of a "patriotic" company in contrast to Google in a national security document;) and Lyft & GM teamed up too.  Lyft should help GM make sure they aren't entirely left in the dust, but won't really help increase the number of cars sold.  Whether Ford can make Google change their business model though is another question.  Many people are wondering whether an entirely driverless taxi is a viable model, or if Google cars might suffer the same fate as rental cars–abuse and vandalism.  Of course, in the 21st century, if anyone damages your car, you'll probably know who.  It will be interesting to see how Ford & Google affect each other.  Meanwhile, if you own a car company and don't have the cash to cover liability for your AI, I'd recommend courting Apple.


sd marlow said…
Assuming these jCabs (Johnny Cab from Total Recall) have enough room and even a minor amount of window tinting, the porn industry is going to explode with new opportunities. But jokes aside, we are a very long way from a self-driving future, and physical robots (androids) may be the self-contained driverless future our dumb cars will love.