More from me on the threats and non-threats of AI

I've been busy lately, but just so these are indexed:
  1. Intelligence in the Flesh: Why Your Mind Needs Your Body Much More than It Thinks, by Guy Claxton. That's a THE book review by me, but the book and the review are relevant to AI ethics in that it describes why a human body is key to human-like intelligence.  I'm also one of the people who wrote cover-jacket blurb for Martin Ford's The Rise of The Robots.
  2. Special Report: Does Artificial Intelligence benefit all parts of our society? That was an interview of me about how AI is going.  It was a generic email interview I assumed all Women's Forum speakers got, but mine has been the only one featured on their website for months now, so maybe not.  Anyway, I think it's interesting in that it expresses the lack of impediments to solving AI right now.
  3. The Women's Forum has now put up video of my panel at their global meeting earlier this month, with neuro-prostheticist St├ęphanie P. Lacour (EPFL), and the session organiser and chair, Maria Livanos Cattaui: On the cusp: The promise of breakthrough brain research. I the moment in Q&A at 21:55 is particularly important, when Anna Marie from the Red Cross says "the only limit to the violence [in war] is where the human says 'no'". This is absolutely a problem with automated warfare, and one of the reasons I left the USA, to avoid working on "battlefields of the future". But we also talk about other major ethical issues, such as human enhancement and superintelligence.
  4. Five questions we should ask ourselves before AI answers them for us. BBC. A slightly odd "interview" that was actually derived from a recorded phone conversation when I was helping with the author's awesome Artificial Intelligence Dictionary, I guess she decided to reuse some of the rest of the content she got from me too by reframing it as an interview, but I think you can tell it's really me explaining things to one person on the phone.
  5. Robots are coming for your job ... and that's not all – The Guardian's "Tech Weekly podcast", with a real economist not just speculating tech geeks, and also Martin Ford.
  6. Bath just dug up a two-year-old interview in a Tech Republic article:  Robots of death, robots of love: The reality of android soldiers and why laws for robots are doomed to failure.
  7. More recently, a debate I appeared in got covered in Managing Partner, Artificial intelligence to create an industrial revolution for the legal sector; and I'm one of an illustrious set of people (Geoff Hinton!) in the CBA/ABC National article, Artificial Intelligence.