Freedom to Tinker and this blog

This blog started as a series of letters home to my nuclear family during my first Sabbatical (2007, at the KLI). During that sabbatical I started realising other people were reading my blog too, and that it was a convenient place to put things things I used to just write small web pages for (e.g. this one on evolution and gravity).

Being an academic ordinarily means being massively overcommitted though, so I've only blogged very occasionally the last 6 years; I have way more notes for blogposts than actual posts. Now though I'm on Sabbatical again (this time at Princeton CITP), and on the topic of public policy. So I'm going to make an effort to blog more regularly again. In particular, I'll try to think it's part of my job to get my policy-related blog post ideas out at a rate of about once a week or so.

However most tech policy posts are going to be on the CITP blog, Freedom to Tinker.  I will go ahead and link them here, but not republish them in their entirety.

Please notice that a few months ago I finally started labelling my posts, so if you want to see just the policy ones, you can use this link. To see the other labels, look for the right-hand menu.