How AI is influencing our future, and what we should do about it

I wrote an AI / robot ethics talk from scratch yesterday.  I think I've really nailed down how to explain and defend my stripped-down, functionalist computational perspective on AI, robots and how they alter our present and future society.  I delivered it to about 100 "Futurists" (including transhumanists) who weren't expecting my direction at all, and in the Q&A really pushed on all the implications including the economic and political ones.
  • Video is on YouTube, talk was hosted by (and the abstract suggested by) the London Futurists.  Talk is about an hour, Q&A makes up the rest of the video.
  • Just the slides if you just want to flip through quickly.
  • A decent blogpost by Jim Muttram (who attended the talk), Can robots be moral beings?  Does a great job of drawing out a lot of the important points of the talk, which were not necessarily on the slides.
In case you saw the talk (or just watched the video) here is some of the source material:
Thanks to the London Futurists and particularly David Wood for inviting me and all the great questions.