I didn't know about the self-funding PhD "position" advertised in my name, but here's a real one

I just found out yesterday that someone in my university (not in my department) changed an ad on findaphd.com from being about an overseas studentship (which timed out last December) to recommending self-funding.

I apologise for this.  While I think that anyone with independent resources should be able to spend them as they choose, and that it's wonderful to choose to advance human knowledge, I do not want to be seen as supporting gentrification as an alternative to public support for science and education.

By the way, my department has real PhD studentships on offer right now,
  • two for UK students, that need to be allocated this year, on any topic, and 
  • five for EU students (yes, that includes the UK), which may be withheld for future years if there aren't enough outstanding candidates, but need to in some way impact on digital entertainment, but this includes "serious games" / public engagement.
Apply here through the "apply here" button on the upper right of this (linked) page.

I probably don't need more than one more student myself for next year (I'm working with 8, only 1 is graduating before December), but here's a project that could be done under either of the funding sources mentioned above:
Dr Joanna Bryson
Recently there has been substantial scientific progress in understanding the origins and dynamics of social behaviour such as altruism, bullying, and in-group/out-group identity.  Yet many questions remain which may benefit either from further theoretical modelling or experimental intervention.  This project seeks to do both through the gamification and dissemination of the very agent-based models we use to build and express our theories.  We seek students with an interest in agent-based modelling (ABM), experimental/behavioural economics/philosophy/political science, and human-computer interaction (HCI).  The ideal candidate would have direct experience of at least two of those, and would be competent in programming, experimental design and statistical analysis.

Update July 2014: Er, I did get the most totally awesome student from that self-funding ad...