Beyond Thought Experiments (slides & notes from Autonomy & Automation)

Here are the slides from my plenary (invited talk), Beyond Thought Experiments: The Experience of AI in the Humanities.  This talk was invited by Patrick Crogan for his meeting: Autonomy and Automation: Robotics, AI and the Digitial Cultural Future.  I wrote the below text for other attendees, but thought you might enjoy it too.

The arguments in the first half of my talk can be found in Embodiment versus Memetics, which was published in Mind & Society 7(1):77-94 (May 2008).  I personally think that's one of my most significant papers and would love to have more engagement with it.  The semantics results from my own group are so far only published by Bilovich in a symposium that same year: Detecting the Evolution of Semantics and Individual Beliefs Through Statistical Analysis of Language Use, Proceedings of the Fall AAAI Symposium on  Naturally-Inspired Artificial Intelligence, Washington DC, November 2008.  Associated software is on the AmonI software page.  In general, my papers on language are linked here: Evolving Human-like Culture; here are my (3) papers on consciousness, and here are some web pages and formal papers on AI & Robot morality & ethics. The paper I finished with is called Patiency is not a virtue but is not yet in final form, though an early version did already appear in a symposium proceedings.