How to deal with stupidly hot weather and no a/c

  1. Leave all the windows open all night, even if it means sleeping with blankets.
  2. Get up and close them before the temperature starts going up, even if it means setting an alarm.  Draw shades, curtains, etc. on any window that is struck by sun.
  3. Work at home until home gets too hot to work (pref. with a fan).  THEN take a cold shower (postpone shower until this point).
  4. Bike to office while hair is still wet.
  5. Work at office until office is too hot to work.
  6. Bike to nearby place that has trees / river / beverages etc.  Sit there & talk to people until place shuts or you are very, very sleepy or the weather actually cools off.
  7. Bike or walk bike home (depending on nature of beverages), open all windows, turn on fan(s), try to work or read until it is cool enough to sleep.
  8. Repeat.
 I have no idea how one modifies this for living with children.  (I grew up with air conditioning.)  I assume you sleep less & play with hosepipes more.  Note also it assumes you have a creative job, but the adjustments for getting to your work place at a particular time are pretty obvious.