Please don't hassle me

I appreciate that you guys appreciated my blogging during my sabbatical, but I don't appreciate getting hassled about not having time for it now. I'm very behind on many things.

Here is a random assortment of tabs on this browser window which have been here for several weeks waiting for me to read or decide what to do with them.

A history of hacking our way to the moon. Forcing all marriage to be about reproduction in California (since the banned gay marriage.)

What it takes to graduate from college. I will say something about that. I always knew I wouldn't do well in college if I didn't go somewhere challenging. I thought I was just less disciplined than most people. But in fact lots of people who go where they will be the "smart kids" wind up dropping out. How obvious is it that education should be about learning, not about an easy ride?

I do really like that article because it says that it doesn't matter what highschool you go to, it only matters that you get decent grades (not necessarily straight As!) and that you go to a 4-year college that challenges you. Going to community colleges is not the way to start a successful degree for most people.

Who gets arrested at protests. It is totally weird that people could get arrested for wearing t-shirts under Bush & no one blinked, but now people would be literally up in arms if people carrying guns to protests got arrested.

a nature article we're writing an extension of ("we" is my student Marios Richards & two biologists from Bath).

a national geographic article about the real Harod I keep meaning to send Barb (I don't think she reads this...)

literary analysis comparing Spock & Obama -- that's also from Marios.

an article on the neuroscience of proper names I keep meaning to read so I can figure out why I can't remember them.

an Iraqi journalist the US has held without charge for a year now.

a science story about the origins of symbolic behaviour. an article about how Ted Kennedy saved the life of the guy whose office was next to mine at MIT, and his daughter. Boris was great, he was always friendly. He also was the first person to tell me about the butterfly ballets in 2000.

An article about changing the culture of kindergarten I keep wondering whether I buy it.

cool subway mapsI want to look at. Potentially cool music I'd like to dig up & listen to. But I need to get back to work!