Ada Lovelace day

Tomorrow is Lady Ada day. Ada Lovelace was allegedly the first programmer, since she came up with a program for Charles Babbage's machine, but I don't honestly know much about her, maybe I'll learn tomorrow. Anyway, I'm meant to blog about women in technology I admire. That's easy.

 The coolest woman in technology I know of is Grace Hopper. She was a full professor, an admiral and she raised four children. How do you do that? I guess after that is Aunt Dorothy; it's pretty cool she programmed for GE in the 1950s -- or was it the 60s? Then there's my friend Helen Grenier, who ran a robot company for about a decade. She's doing something else now. I worked with a cool woman, Margo Seltzer, the summer I spent at Marble after the plane crash. She is a prof. at Harvard & also started a database company called SleepyCat which got bought by Oracle. Apparently the technology is great, but I have trouble getting excited about even cool database technology. Actually, I know a lot of women that are robotics professors. Interestingly, it seems like more women go into that than straight computer science.


Tom Bryson said…
One of the extraordinary things about your aunt Dorothy was that she was familiar with both analog and digital computing, able to simulate analog with a digital computer. She needed these skills as she predicited projectal paths for the Navy. (Before ICBMs hers were fired from a canon.)
Joanna said…
If you scan in a picture of her & email it to me I can put it on the blog! Good thing to do on Ada Lovelace day :-)