Ada Lovelace day

Tomorrow is Lady Ada day. Ada Lovelace was allegedly the first programmer, since she came up with a program for Charles Babbage's machine, but I don't honestly know much about her, maybe I'll learn tomorrow. Anyway, I'm meant to blog about women in technology I admire. That's easy.

 The coolest woman in technology I know of is Grace Hopper. She was a full professor, an admiral and she raised four children. How do you do that? I guess after that is Aunt Dorothy; it's pretty cool she programmed for GE in the 1950s -- or was it the 60s? Then there's my friend Helen Grenier, who ran a robot company for about a decade. She's doing something else now. I worked with a cool woman, Margo Seltzer, the summer I spent at Marble after the plane crash. She is a prof. at Harvard & also started a database company called SleepyCat which got bought by Oracle. Apparently the technology is great, but I have trouble getting excited about even cool database technology. Actually, I know a lot of women that are robotics professors. Interestingly, it seems like more women go into that than straight computer science.