Busy as usual

Hello -- well, everyone is back from their holidays now, so of course we are getting less work done, there are talks and so forth. But I did have a pretty productive break. I got that article in Monday night (well, 2am Tuesday) and I hope it will get accepted -- if so, it will come out in July! But even if not, it was good to write it and get all my thoughts on that topic down -- I'm sure it will get into somewhere eventually.

I spent the rest of this week attending talks for the KLI and doing reviewing and redoing a bunch of diagrams for a paper I'm trying desperately to get submitted. But I have to stop working on that now because I have a talk at an AI & Games conference in England on Monday (in Bradford, where I've never been before.) Then Tuesday I will go to Bath and Wednesday meet with some people I'm working on grants with, then Thur-Sunday with Will in Nottingham, then Monday & Tuesday I will attend an awesome workshop on Social Evolution that the Royal Society are organizing in London. I have finished one other article on action selection I just need to submit, and I have one and need to do more reviewing. Actually, both Will and I have totally got ourselves packed up with plans the next three months. But then the best plan is mid April we are really going to take a week vacation to celebrate our tenth anniversary. We are thinking of going to Turkey.

In case you are wondering about the gas thing, it is not affecting Austria (we have reserves good through March) but it is horrible in a lot of the former empire / neighbouring regions, particularly Bulgaria. There is a lot of anti-Russian graffiti around, on the trains and so forth (where I suppose cold people go to ride!) I think it is probably people fleeing to Austria from the cold countries. We went to see this great exhibit that Klimt originally designed in 1908, they are having a centenary of it at the Belvedere. On the way we past the Russian's monument to themselves that the Austrians are obliged to maintain, and it was all draped like it was being cleaned, which at first I thought was odd since it always looks like new. But then I realized probably there was graffiti there too.

We saw some really great talks this week, one is a new fellow who will be coming here who does experimental psychology, so that's excellent news. More scientists! He talked about (& demonstrated experimentally) how people expect to find more patterns than actually exist. Earlier this week I thought about writing the blog entry on that, but I'm too tired to be sciency now. The other was someone that after the talk I was embarrassed not to have known the literature of already, Michael Taborsky, who has some great, great data on what varies levels of altruism expressed by rats.

Also, one of the fellows at the KLI, Zsófia Virányi, always has a dog with her, Todor. Well, Zsófia and her coauthors (whom I also know) got the cover article of PNAS this week, and there is a picture of Todor and the first author's dog (Guinness) on the cover, as well as Zsófia's hand.

We are flying to England tomorrow. It's a shame Will can't work here full time too, so we wouldn't have to leave so much.