citing authors for AISB

This is for my colleagues, not my family. I'd put it on my website but Bath's network is still down. Hopefully google will pick this up quickly!

If you want to cite references as nouns e.g. "As Bryson [3] shows..." you can't do it with the currently distributed AISB package. I have managed to hack it with natbib. Here's what you do:

In the preamble, add the line

Replace \bibliographystyle{AISB2008} with \bibliographystyle{unsrtnat}

You are almost there, except that the references will be too large & misaligned. Fix this by inserting the command \small right before you include your bibliography. E.g. for my two bibliography files biblio.bib & jjb.bib:



Now you should be able to use \citet{Bryson06} to get the format shown above, or use \citep for ordinary references. Or any of the other normal natbib citations (see the natbib manual.)