Hi -- very short entry this week. I spent most of the last 10 days rewriting an article I thought it would take 3 days to rewrite, then I had one day to catch up on a lot of admin and then I had to go to Genoa for three days to review the RobotCub project. It is really great to think about cognitive robots again --- I've done a couple of talks about robots lately. I think it's good to get away and look at a problem another way. Also, it's just good to see old friends. This is the fourth year I've reviewed this project, next year will be the last, but anyway several people on the project I already knew before as well.

Anyway, I am back with Will in Vienna on a couch in our favorite cafe trying to work because we are both behind but fairly tired. Next week is going to be crazy too, but hopefully I will resubmit a paper early before I go to another weekend trip, this one I will have to do talks as well, and will be travelling with former students. Will and I haven't seen much of each other lately so he has agreed to stay until the election results are announced -- assuming it gets sorted out the by midnight 4 November California time! Maybe we will have an election party on Wednesday morning.