In Edinburgh

We're in Edinburgh for the primate meeting I blogged about before. It is great as always here, though of course Will prefers Vienna. We went to the modern art galleries along the waters of Leith yesterday, and we lucked into a reception in the new Informatics building, which is truly amazing. It has a part you can go out on the roof and see all the views. Will found his PhD supervisor Richard Shillcock, and I saw a lot of the faculty and sysadmins I knew. Will is I think going to be working there a lot next week. We only found out about the reception (and that the building was open) because we ran into Gert Westermann on the street outside --- he was here for another meeting.

One of my colleagues put out a paper rebutting one of mine (which to be fair, critiqued several of hers), but the problem is that she didn't even cite our paper at the same time she was complaining generally about people who thought the way I do, and the way I critisized her for not. She's very well aware of our work, she's talked to us about it at length. I think it's very unprofessional of her, but as it happens she published her paper on exactly the topic I'm giving a talk on at this meeting, so I've just changed my talk a little to a) make sure any future reviewers of her articles know she needs to cite us and address all our criticisms, and b) to adjust to that and some other papers that have come out in the months since we submitted our talk proposals.

If I hadn't been going to give the talk next week I would have been really angry, but as it is I'm just annoyed. Science is a debate, and it isn't a debate when you ignore the other side's good points.

The picture is from Austria, it was taken after the evolution meeting I blogged about by Bill Lorenz, working for the KLI.


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