Interview about Robots

I did an interview for a project which is studying whether robots would be accepted by the British public, for example in their homes. They've just put a first cut of the video on the web. Click people, then researchers, then my name & then "video". I think the video is OK (though the cutaways are weird) but the picture is a bit deer-in-the-headlights.

I managed to spend the first three days of this week getting my grant fully submitted, what a pain! But I've learned a ton about human cultural evolution and did a bunch more designing of my modelling strategy. Really moving into anthropology will be exciting. I spent the next day catching up on email, I've got 150 less in my spools now. Friday I actually contributed a few paragraphs to someone else's grant proposal, but mostly read papers and worked on one of my own. Except Will forgot to bring the power adapter to the cafe we went to Friday night, so we were forced to just sit there and talk to each other rather than work. It was terrible.

Now we are in another cafe, The Blau Stern, ordering lunch, and after lunch we will each try to finish the papers we are currently working on. Will's is really quite a big deal and he has been spread out in the KLI's library for days doing the rewrite. He made a huge contribution in the draft of the paper, but it was very hard to read, so now he's totally rewritten it, and typical of him he also figured out a ton more theory. This is why he never publishes! But the paper will be his first big thing in Political Science that he's the sole author, and he has the follow up already half written too.

I'm resubmitting a paper that was in a "web conference" last year, because I'm not sure how to cite web conferences. I thought it would just take a day, but in fact I've learned and figured out so much since I've been at the KLI that I'm rewriting it quite a bit. I have a more important paper to submit next week, but I wanted to be able to reference this one in it.

I also have to review a book proposal and four book chapters and write a talk and a poster, all by Thursday when Will and I go to Edinburgh for the international primate conference, where I have a talk and a poster. Normally I would be very much looking forward to that, and in fact I am, but it's a shame to leave Vienna after such a nice month here together.


Tom said…
It was good commentary, just strange video work. The sound was great!