Sincerely quick this time

Just so you know my talk went well, which is fortunate since I'm giving it three times this coming week. But first I need to do my US taxes -- for some reason they are due two months later abroad than in the USA. More importantly perhaps I got some excellent feedback on one of the papers I wrote in May from one of the KLI fellows, Christophe. Getting his perspective really helped me clear up some of the things that were bothering me about the paper. I figured out on the plane how to rewrite it and also another paper to do out of some insights I had writing the talk & a little discussion afterwards that came from the talk about speciation. This weekend I've heard that both another of the papers I wrote last month and the funding pre-proposal got accepted -- the funding pre-proposal is a problem because now the full proposal is due 1 July! But if I get the grant it would mean I'd be able to not only do some cool and useful research, but also pay for the PhD of an MSc student who's been doing simulations with me the last few months. But anyway, it means I'll be busier than usual this month.