writing without wolves

Well, I am just writing a lot -- not the blog so much, obviously! Sadly I couldn't get the speech rec. software. It turns out the Nottingham apple store KRCS is very fly-by-night -- they tried to get me to buy the discontinued version of the software. So I've ordered it on line, but it will get here after my splint comes off. But anyway, I have been thinking I type too much so I can at least use it with all the writing this summer.

I got the other workshop paper and book chapter done, but I have not finished the final paper due Friday and I have that review to do on Friday in Vienna so I can't spend all of the next two days on it, so I don't know how the paper will be. But it is only for a workshop. The other papers I was polishing for journal articles, and this one will ultimately go to a journal too, but since this is the first time I am writing on the topic I'm sure I'll have lots to learn from the reviewers.

I can't believe it --- I missed playing with wolf cubs at the KLI on Monday!! Zsofia brought them in to the KLI. They are part of an experiment to see how much dogs have changed genetically in terms of their ability for social reasoning since they've been a part of our culture for thousands of years. If you raise wolves the same way, we know they aren't great pets, but can they reason about intentions and such as well as dogs? Dogs do better than chimpanzees on many social intentionality tasks.

I will ask Zsofia if she minds if I post the cub pictures... I can't wait til I see the real animals! At least I am back in Vienna. Will is not coming here until Monday because he has to meet the Dali Lama this weekend (rough life.) He will stay a whole week though so I think I will get to have him at least one night without moms!