very, very pretty

It's amazingly nice here. It is also Pentecost, which I should probably be spending learning German, but I was trying to get four papers out before I go to Nottingham this week. One is basically done, it is just a proposal anyway & I've asked my coauthors to just accept it given the finger thing, so hopefully it is all set. Two others need only minor corrections I'm trying to finish today. The last is the most interesting, I'll see if I'm up to typing enough to get it out tomorrow & Wednesday.

Anyway, I spent the morning at home installing software on my laptop since KLI has this bandwidth constraint, then went to the restaurant I went to with Dad & Will & Patricia last week & had the same thing (minus the beer!) It was still great, but not nearly as much fun, but I got some work done on my laptop which was good. Though less than you'd expect! They were very attentive I guess because I was by myself) This week the place was totally packed by 12:30 already. Everyone is very happy.

It is amazing that the one vegetable-main dish in Austria can be so unhealthy! :-)