I told you a while ago what a day is like... what if a day is on the weekend?

The weekend before last we went to see Will's brother David and meet his girlfriend Nancy. We had a great time. We also stayed with Patricia and saw Nan and then Amy came over Sunday and brought Ellen (her older daughter). Ellen is helping her dad and step-mother raise two small children while doing great at school and planning for college and also doing tons of art like her mom. Only now people scan all their art and put it on web pages and find like minds there. Will was major cool since he already had an account on the website Ellen likes (although he doesn't have any art posted there I don't think.) He also had the same favourite band as Ellen.

I don't think we'd been to see Patricia at the same time in over a year. I'm pretty sure it's over a year since I went and visited Amy last -- it was a nice weekend in autumn & Will was a way so I just went to see her. We went for a hike & went to a big maze in a garden centre, the best I've ever been in.

Anyway, this last weekend we just worked. I spent Saturday dealing with hiring a postdoc because Bath's HR had failed to send me the applications when they came available so I didn't get the until Friday and then I was hosting a speaker from London (Imperial). Then Sunday I spent four hours figuring out how much work I'd done for the EU. Now I'm keeping track of that in real time on a google document. Man, google just keeps changing the world! Bath sent me a spreadsheet in excel, and I never even had to open it, I just clicked a link from gmail & now it adds up all the hours for me and everything. And I wrote it in Nottingham but am now updating it in Vienna. Brilliant!

I went skating again last night. Tomorrow at 6am Will has to go to America for a one-day meeting. He thought he'd be back Sunday and so we were meeting up in the Netherlands since I need to be there M-W, but then it turns out he's *leaving* on Sundy so of course arriving on Monday. As a consequence I'm seeing too old friends who are colleagues and one new colleague I might be writing a paper with. It's weird that it's so fun without him, but it's even better with him.

This week and last I have finally started getting the hang of this huge software system we've been distributing, and I'm finally writing AI agents just for fun & demos, not for science. I didn't know the IDE (development environment) or the language, not to mention the code, but I know the underlying idea and the language is pretty easy. It's nice to be programming again, just wish I had more time. This hiring thing is taking tons of time. I'd be getting no programming done except I kept missing my train this morning so kept programming more.

I'm worried though I'm typing too much in cafe's and on trains. It's not like my arms are all better.

Sorry this is a bit meandering --- I'm tired!