Leiden, not BBC1

I got invited last night to be on TV! On short notice, for Sunday morning -- someone must have canceled. But anyway, it is to be filmed live in Bristol and of course I'm not actually in Bath so I rather doubt they are going to fly me there.

Will is in Atlanta this weekend; he was consulting for some people -- they had a panel of experts come in to discuss their work. He is flying right back though, and we are meeting up in Leiden on Monday. However, he forgot you come back the day after you leave when you fly East, so I am going to the Netherlands a day early for no reason. I'm going to visit my student Ivana Cace for lunch and then have dinner with our old friend from VUB and the Boston Edwin de Jong. Then Monday morning I will meet with someone in Utrecht that I might possibly be writing a short article with about the correlation between intelligence (as measured by brain size) and social organization.VUB AI lab

From midday Monday to Wednesday I am at a meeting of the New Ties project. It is a big huge EU funded thing I was moderately annoyed not to have been a member of in the first place, but now it is over and there are hardly any publications out of it. So they are running a big workshop, and this will be the chance for the rest of the community to find out if they did anything useful! Other friends from VUB are on that project, so I hope it is good. If it is very good, I might be able to use it for my research.

Today I need to finish reviewing papers for a conference, do my laundry, clean my flat, then I am going to go waltzing with postdocs at the Clever Dog Lab & then ice skating. Currently I'm in my favorite cafe hoping to get some programming done (after breakfast! Which has just come.)


Joanna said…
The waiter just came up and said "Alle ist OK?" Ja, alle ist OK.
Tom said…
I give up, what is the photo? It looks like a missle.
Tom said…
Sorry, I just clicked the link and saw the fish.
Joanna said…
Yes, the robot fish is from VUB too. I used to have a poster of it but I think I gave it to someone at MIT when I moved back to the UK.