Ice dreams and verified voting

Vienna has ice skating in front of their city hall! I got Will to bring my skates because I thought this happened at christmas, then it didn't and I was sad, but it turns out it is 25 January - 5 March. It goes until 11pm! I worked later than I meant to last night, so I only skated about 20 minutes (good thing I had my own skates!)

They have these paths laid through the woods / park there, and I went to skate on them and thought the ice was "sticky" some how, and wondered what was wrong, but then on another path found myself going very fast and realized I was skating up & down hill! Just a little, but still, pretty surreal, not what you expect from ice.

When I got back I emailed and chatted a little with a reporter, and now I'm in a front-page story on an online tech newspaper, The Register. Actually, still relatively few states do voting right, fortunately Illinois and California are two. But Texas and Pennsylvania (for example) are just as bad as Democrats Abroad. People need to make sure their votes can be verified.