It's Friday here...

And Science online seems to know.

It's a nice article, and all it has from me is to say what a fan I am of Whiten's work (I mentioned him a few months ago here --- although I'm also a fan of a lot of other folks that were at that conference and said so to the reporter!) But the final quote is good:
"We are just primates with a particular combination of traits," says Bryson. "Seeing how all those traits came together and exploded into our current culture is really interesting. It makes you wonder whether it might happen soon for another species, given a chance."

OK, the very last line is a little hokey, but better than "I like androids, they're my friends" (or "Idiot"...) Actually, the article slightly puts that last sentence out of context, since I was actually thinking about dolphins and keas when I said that, not other primates. I think other primates might be stuck since they don't have vocal imitation. And I meant "soon" in an evolutionary sense, like 40,000-100,000 years. Anyway, I admit it's a fun line, and I totally stand by the first two sentences.

They refer to me as a "cognition researcher" from Bath :-) They couldn't admit they'd quoted a computer scientist about science! To be fair, I do research cognition.

Anyway, this all got me to update a few of my web pages. Always a good thing! Especially the primate one. At some point I need to make them all less retro looking... again! I guess five years is a long time on the web.