Feeling nervous

I'm feeling very nervous today because I expect to be mentioned in an article in Science tomorrow, but I haven't seen the article yet. My experience in these kinds of things comes from when I was on Cog at MIT. Then it seemed like you would have a long conversation with a journalist, and they would go away and use a lot of what you said in their article as primary text so they sound well-informed, and then out of gratitude they quote you once or twice, usually something "cute" & memorable which is fairly embarrassing. Of course, then I was a graduate student and now I'm not, and this writer seems really good, so I hope it turns out to be cool. But I know everyone in my new field (biological anthropology) will see the article since they are all mentioned in it too, so I'm nervous now.

Fortunately I have an article that's revisions are due tomorrow, & two due next Friday, and I'm rewriting some of my web pages in advance of the Science article coming out (making it easier to find the three papers I've written on the relevant topic so far) so I'm keeping busy. And I'm meeting my PhD student to talk about this thesis.

As usual I'm looking forward to Will's next visit -- he comes Saturday. Today and yesterday he is in Aberdeen due to some project concerning militias he is involved with.


Will said…
Joanna, you weren't meant to tell anyone I 'm in a militia. It's *secret*...