Can't believe it's been a week since I posted! We haven't done much -- went into the KLI on Monday and Thursday, and Wednesday through today we hosted a friend Erin Jenne --- another American who is a professor at the Central European University in Budapest. Friday we also had dinner with Jan Drugowitsch while he was waiting for his partner's plane to get in (it got in at 10pm, too late for her to take the train!)

One big change -- Will assembled the little tables I bought, so now I have one to eat on & another for computers (or more company.) It's a very minimalist flat. Will tried to take a picture but my camera is full & the cable for it seems to be in Nottingham...

The front room is now clean, although the back/bedroom is now full of all the piles of papers that were in the front room (& the laundry on the drying rack!) But we figured out a better place to stick the bed, so that's cool too. The funny thing about this apartment is that it has few true 90 degree angles, so it's always slightly more interesting than it looks at first.