So Will and I have hardly been together in the last two months, so presents will be very late again this year. He is coming here Wednesday night for a few weeks. :-) I'm very sorry we aren't visiting anyone at the holidays again this year, but since we've been living apart, having a few weeks just alone together has become very important to us. I really hope that at the end of our fellowships we find a way to live in the same city again.

In case you are trying to think of presents for us, we have a new request. Because we love both America and justice, we are very, very upset about the fact that Guantanamo still exists, with prisoners untried and uncharged, in violation of both US and International law. So four our American present-givers, our chosen charity this year is the ACLU, since they are putting a lot of effort into closing Guantanamo, and being American lawyers, have the best chance of doing so (given the US Congress isn't).

If you aren't American, we still appreciate donations to Amnesty International. And of course, just sending emails or cards or anything else to us is appreciated too! (I still haven't got my phone working, although I pay 10 euro a month for it. I need to get around to learning German...)


Tom said…
Good timing on the gift hint. We can go with that, and we certainly agree. It is not a surprise that the Bush people reject the World Court; there is little chance the rest of the world would wnat to treat our people any better than we treat the rest of the world.