Me in Saarbruecken

Here's a photo by Feiyu Xu of DFKI. I was trying not to do my bad-smile-for-cameras so I wasn't looking at her iphone!


Anonymous said…
Hi, This is Diane Grassie. What a wonderfully interesting life you lead! We're so happy your mother keeps us updated and that you seem to be so happy and challanged in your career. How wonderful for you. We'd love to see you (in person) sometime. Hopefully your itinerary will put you in or near Ohio sometime soon. Take care. Love, Diane
Joanna said…
Hi! Nice to hear from you!! Last time I was in Ohio was in Oberlin in 2000 --- I used some airmiles to go campaign for Gore, but guess I didn't spend enough time at it... anyway, Will has colleagues in Ohio and I have very good friends in Oberlin, so maybe one day one of us will get a drivers license again and we'll drive around the midwest a bit --- we keep talking about a trip from Boston to Chicago that way!

Hope Bart, Dave and Steve are doing well! I have an article about Karen, sounds like she has an awesome career!
Tom said…
When I first looked at this photo, I thought it was an old one with you in my old Eisehower jacket. Perhaps it is because you have let your hair get long again. Or maybe the relaxed smile, you look totally stress free.
I didn't think the iphone had gotten to Europe yet; it is an amazing device, or very expensive toy with high maintenance cost to take full advantage of its power.
Joanna said…
They bought it in America. Actually, it wasn't working as a phone anyway, just as a camera and fancy iPod.

Glad you like the picture!