OK, I'm going to avoid name-dropping in today's post, but while Andy Whiten & I were in Ludwig's office waiting to go see the Keas, I noticed that one of my former supervisor's new book had come out, about morality. So I picked it up & was flipping through it & found out I'd been acknowledged in it, even though I'd never seen a draft of the book or anything. I guess I was in his lab when he was first thinking about such things & probably we talked about it once or twice, but maybe he doesn't remember either & just mentioned everyone.

I'm acknowledged in exactly the same way (in a crowd of other names) in another book I did spend about three weeks of my life (total) going through drafts of & trying to help out. But I guess books are the same way that dissertations and wedding invitations are -- you can't really predict or question who will acknowledge you & who won't.

I don't have any books myself, but it sounds like I may be involved in two, although not as an author. Maybe as an editor or something on both. I'm spending a little time this week (well, more than I expected) ironing out the details on projects I'm not supposed to be spending that much time on...

On the other hand, I am finally getting some programming done and thinking about the modelling that I was meant to be doing for my main projects when I got here. It is good that I am finally thinking the right way again, it's really nice. I think I've had some good ideas. However, I'm still spending a lot of time catching up on reviews & suchlike. However, my postdoc & PhDs are running experiments. Hopefully I will be to all through December & January.