Back in Vienna

Well, I saw a beautiful university in Saarbruecken, but I am very glad to be (Vienna) home. I am trying to catch up with everything from the last two weeks. It sounds like my student Hagen may get a good postdoc, and more importantly may finish his PhD :-). I spent last night chatting with two undergraduates from Bath who are on placement this year while they tried to fix the Unreal Tournament demo that comes with my AI software. The software got a major overhaul recently by Jan Drugowitsch and we are trying to fix this last thing. But a lot of people looked at the software last month, so I am worried that I should put the improved version up ASAP.

I communicate with a lot of my students now by internet chat -- and my postdoc Philipp now too.

I found out yesterday that a) I've been given talks at a NIPS workshop on hierarchy in intelligence, and b) one at a very prestigious primatology workshop, and c) that the KLI have agreed to pay my travel to both, so I'm very excited. But that means two more weeks with little research going on! So I need to get a lot done in November. Unfortunately I also need to read a lot of dissertations, including one I am examining in 3 weeks! In the UK the external examiner is essentially the person who decides if you get the PhD or not (there's also an internal, but they are kind of here as an advocate usually, although they do of course help in the examination & can sometimes be harsher than the external! But they are not usually as expert in the area of the PhD as the external is, because they cannot be the student's supervisor, and most universities don't have two experts in the same thing.)

Anyway, I should get back to work! Hagen & I are both hoping to get new models & results by the end of the month to send to the international primate conference which will be held in Edinburgh next year.