Flying Update

Friday I went to a conference on consciousness. I have been meaning to wait until I could give you the links for a couple of talks -- one was on the brain death and vegetative states etc. and it was truly amazing. A young brilliant professor who does fMRI work and such, an academic, but often called into hospitals for expert opinions on people's loved ones, trying to come up with quantitative ways of showing how aware people are. I also managed to format and send away the paper I was writing about action selection while at the conference (or just after really, before going out with the speakers.)

Will came late Friday night and Saturday we went to the "long night of the museums", seeing a lot of contemporary art but also Schoenberg, Freud and a clock museum (Will loathed that last.) We saw an amazing performance of free jazz on theramin and saxophone.

Now I'm working on another paper and also flying to Bielefeld to help open a new Cognitive Robotics lab -- they invited me as a speaker. Our plane is late (I'm at the airport) and the trains may be on strike, hope I make my talk...