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Today I got the final two keys of my apartment & my bed & couch & folding chairs, & then realized there was more than life to this & bought TP, sheets, douvets, etc --- up to about 600 euros! Starting from scratch is expensive. I still don't have any pans or waste baskets or a chest of drawers.

This evening we had the kickoff for a workshop on innovation in cultural evolution (at the KLI). There are amazing people here I should have heard of before & haven't. I will be humble for at least a day, but fortunately the thing runs until Sunday noon, so hopefully I will be able to say something intelligent by the end of it. Have already met some very interesting people. James Steele isn't here yet, but another person I'd already met, Kevin Laland, is.


Mom said…
Maybe you can find a resale shop - - -

do you have a microwave? you can live without pans with it and a hot pot - -