going to York

Tomorrow morning is my first-ever press conference. There is some kind of science festival in York, and our special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society -- B, Biology (called Modelling Natural Action Selection) is out this month (although we sent them the articles in May 2006, and the original workshop was held in August 2005!) So the Bath press guy, Andrew McLaughlin, organized a press conference there. Of course, he emailed me a ton last week while I was at the meeting, so now I should really be phoning him.

Before I go to York I will see Will's boss, Cees van der Eijk, give his inaugural lecture here in Nottingham. So I think I will get to York fairly late. Another thing I need to be doing now --- figuring out what trains to catch.

Then I will come back tomorrow but then fly back to Vienna. Thursday during the day my couch, bed and folding chairs will come to my new apartment, and then that evening the next conference starts, on innovation in evolution, which is at the KLI. I'm a little worried that there is a lot less biology / genetics than you would hope given the topic, but at least one very smart guy will be there, James Steele, and he wants to talk about writing a paper with me, so I'm very excited. He is an archaeologist from UCL; a talk he gave at the evolution of language conference 4 years ago (in Leipzig) gave me the idea for the research that got me this fellowship...