Article from press conference

The great thing about this article is that they mention Hagen Lehmann, who did the coding, including mentioning something about his new work. This isn't all exactly what I meant to say, but as such things go I'm very happy about it.

I actually wound up in a pub with a lot of reporters (mostly from British tabloids!) last night, and one of the topics of conversation was why scientists don't like talking to the press. Honestly, I think it's like why some people hate having pictures taken. Is that *really* what I sound like? It's not what I meant to say! But all your friends say "no, that's a great photo/interview."

Anyway, this one really is pretty good :-)

Had lunch with my friend and co-editor on the special issue, Tony Prescott, who has just received a great promotion (skipping one step) to full professor. Well deserved! And then dinner with Will and his boss and his bosses former PhD supervisor and their wives in a nice restaurant in Nottingham (really! we found one!) Tomorrow morning at 7:40 I have a train to go back to Vienna :-( I love Vienna, but hate leaving without Will! He was meant to come this coming weekend, but now can't come until next Wednesday due to a work thing that came up.