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Today is the last full day Will & I are together until 9 September! He is going to a conference, and then I will go to one, then I have a few days in Nottingham because I need to go to York for a press conference on the special issue of PTRS-B we have coming out, and then I come back to Vienna for another conference here at the KLI, and then Will will join me again for our only full week together in September, starting the 17th. My PhD student Hagen will also be moving to Vienna that week and will stay with us -- hopefully he will have less trouble finding an apartment than we did (but he speaks German!)

We have said we will take an apartment which is not at all as pretty (or as old) as most of the ones I saw, nor is it particularly inexpensive nor is it in my favourite neighbourhood (although it is in my old favourite neighbourhood from before I found my favourite.) However, it meets all the necessary requirements (e.g. accessability to the train to KLI & space for guests) & frankly I just ran out of time to keep hunting.

With respect to my earlier blogging comment, the reason I was doing this is I have a little more time than I do when I am teaching & doing administration as well, and I felt guilty for not emailing you folks (or phoning) as much as you would seem to like. But if you aren't actually interested in reading this then I'll stop, since there are always other things to do! But I thought blogging was better than email because it looks better, it doesn't involve emailing each of you separately, and I can read your comments in my own time rather than getting lots of emails back & their getting lost in my spool.


Tom said…
I believe I mentioned that I like this approach, blogging, so that I can see the whole message. Forwarded emails often have mysterious pieces missing. Needless to say if the blogs go away, I can still go with mail or messaging.
Joanna said…
Ah, no, I hadn't got that -- all I got was that you hadn't realized you could tell if people are on web pages or not.

OK, I will keep it up for you then :-)