Yesterday & also Thursday we went into Vienna. Vienna is a bit over a half hour from here; about 10 minutes walk & 25 minutes by train, if you manage to catch the train perfectly, which only runs every 30 minutes. We are trying to make sure we live fairly close to train at the other end of the line. Finding apartments here is hard though -- it is more like Boston & Edinburgh than Chicago. Except all more laid back / slower. They will interview tons of people for each apartment & choose the one they like. We have been offered two faster than that, but they were not worth what they were charging & one was not in the right location.

Anyway, Vienna is an amazing city. When we went Thursday we were looking at an apartment & then walked back through town & we heard an orchestra playing with a choir. We tried to find it & it turned out it was really a DVD being played in front of the Rathause (city hall.) I couldn't believe it -- I never mistake recordings for live performance, but all the voices & percussion were perfect. The one give-away was there were no breaks between movements at all, they'd been edited out.

There is no hunting apartments here on the weekend, so yesterday we went & saw some art & had a nice dinner. We saw an expressionist exhibit at the Albertine & also there was some photography, and also it was a palace so we wandered around some rooms in totally over-the-top 18th century (I think) decoration.

Today we are working at the institute. Although I will take a dissertation to read into the city, because we are trying to find an open grocery store. We were told one was open all the time at the train station, but it was already closed at 9:10pm. There is music & drinking here until 4am on Saturdays in Vienna, but it's not really a 24 hour city.

It is also a lot more empty in August than in May! I guess people go up into the mountains or down to the ocean for August holidays.