Travel and money

OK, to understand this post you need to remember that there are two dollars to a pound, and $1.50 to a euro right now.

I thought that the weekly travel card that came all the way to Altenberg was expensive, because it is 30 euros, and I remember the Chicago monthly passes being $60, and I used to commute on that 30 minutes each way as I will be doing here. But I found out that if I don't buy one, it is more tha three euros each way to Vienna, and more than five for the further privelage of taking all the trams and underground. So really, if you go to Vienna more than two days a week it is better to buy the weekly pass. Also, I remembered that each way between Bath and Bristol (which takes 15 minutes) costs over five pounds, so that's not expensive compared ot the UK.

Also yesterday I bought a one-way train ticket to Prague for Saturday (I will fly from there to England and then back to Vienna). That only cost 48 euros, plus three further to reserve a seat. That's a four hour ride between countries (and includes the cost of going across Vienna, too bad I hadn't figured out I needed to come to Vienna more than twice this week already!) To go from Bath to London costs over forty pounds.

Will and I are looking forward to going to Budapest and visiting our friend there a lot in the next couple years. We love Budapest, and it is only a three hour train ride. Although honestly, I may wind up liking Vienna even more tha Budapest!