Still hunting

So I'm sitting outside a cafe in Vienna now. We have just seen the first apartment we really want, but there were four other groups of people there at the showing and I think they all want it. I hope we will get it because we were the only non-students and we are more likely to take good care of the apartment.

Yesterday I saw an apartment that was really out of some movie that was too foreign for me to ever have seen. The landlord had this amazing old-fashioned beard that stuck out around the bottom of his face like an upside-down radiating halo, and there was a guy who took me up in an elevator with enormous long clunky buttons which stuck themselves back out when you got to the floor you wanted. The caretaker and the landlord were both very unhappy I didn't want that flat, but it was way too noisy (original windows had no sound proofing!) and there was NO furniture or even fridge and I don't want to buy EVERYTHING.

I was very dissappointed after that but two of my coworkers suggested we go out after work, so I met Will and them at the train station in Altenberg and we walked down the few yards to a big lake. there was a little stand there that sold fried food and drinks, so we had dinner (will and I shared some fried fish) and a couple beers and talked about politics and religion. One of the coworkers was Conrad, who is studying superstition, and the other was Astrid, another of the very few people who works at the KLI permanently. She has the best job --- part time she is an administrator, which is why she gets to stay, but she is also a scientist (a "human ethologist" -- I didn't previously know that field!) She has a great office in the corner of the house with bay windows.