no will, no way down the hill

I can't remember if I said before about how steep the hill up to the KLI guest house is. Well, it turns out I can't make it down the hill in leather shoes when I'm not holding Will's hand without skidding! I guess it is hiking boots for the rest of the week...

It's always striking how much less enjoyable things are without someone to share them with, and of course it is even better sharing things with someone you really love. I had dinner out on the porch last night (which Will wasn't crazy about doing because of the mosquitoes) and it was amazingly pretty, but after the prettiness the feelings fade much faster when there's only your own mind to entertain them.

I'm reading a proposal for someone else's funding I have to review which is related to my work in interesting ways. I have some questions to ask one of the guys here, but I don't know if I will see him today, since I am going into town to finish (I hope!) getting the new flat. While I am there I'm going to go furniture shopping probably.