It's very pretty here

I didn't really have time to say yesterday that it's incredibly pretty here. We have lunch under a tree in the summers, and today one guy at the end of a table (Conrad) said he felt like he was in Siberia, and Werner (one of the few permanent members of staff, the "scientific manager") asked whether that was Siberia or Cyberia, and Conrad said "There's no computer in front of me & I don't feel like I'm in The Matrix". And I said "I feel like I'm in the Matrix." The trees are too pretty to be real here.

We still haven't found an apartment. We have been offered two but they were overpriced for what they are. We are getting the hang of it though. The good apartments they interview dozens of people & tell you two weeks later who got it. So it will be a slow process.

I'm starting to get into a rhythm for getting work done -- I was hoping to do this, but hadn't expected to so soon. I am making a couple hours a day just to read, and I am leaving email to short periods before lunch & in the afternoon. I'm not really doing any research or writing yet though; I am spending a few hours a day catching up & completing previous obligations. So far this is mostly involving writing reviews of other people's work. This afternoon I hope to finish a review of an MSc & a PhD dissertation; I have had both for some time. (Neither from Bath students!)