First one in

It's 10 am here & I am still the only one at the KLI, except for the Lorenz family who share the house they rent to us. To be fair, since the guest house is just up the hill, I have about a 50 minute less commute than everyone else. But still, I am wondering if I missed out on something last night.

Will & I went to see an apartment last night, but the commute was far too long & it wasn't really worth what it would cost. There was a Swiss guy already living there though that gave us a lot of tips about house hunting though. The building had amazing plaster reliefs in the entry foyer of the building of women dancing -- about 3/4s life size, and the ceilings of the apartment were about 24 feet high.

One very cool thing about KLI is having lunch together at 1:15. Yesterday the heads were here & we all talked a bit about science. They talk German to each other sometimes; I will need to learn more German. Most of the researchers here currently are philosophers but they are trying to get back to biology / ethology -- I am a part of that effort. But most people are working on culture & have books on their desk I should read. We have lunch outside under a tree in summer.

I did a little work on science yesterday --- sent off a reply to reviews to accompany an article I finished last week, and read some things. I also dealt with a bunch of Bath stuff. Today I should mostly be hunting apartments I realize now.


Joanna said…
It turns out today is a holiday -- MariƤ Himmelfahrt. Of course! I have no added Austrian (& UK & US) public holidays onto my google calendar, thanks to Will.
Barb said…
Now there's something I would never had thought of that you deal with in different countries - different holidays!

I'm trying to get all my stuff done for school. Seems like there's always more to do!

At least I had a nice, relaxing summer, and should be done with my masters on November 13. This may be my most thankful Thanksgiving ever! I suppose you'll have to work that day...
Joanna said…
Way! My first comment on my blog! :-)