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I just fixed the comments so you don't have to have a blogger/gmail account address to comment. Sorry I didn't notice that before. But I may then need to turn on the somewhat annoying person-checker, where you have to prove you are a human by looking at something. We'll see if we get any spam first before I do that.

I thought I'd keep blogging a bit to give you guys a chance to answer the questions from my last blog, but I do want to know if this is actually worth the time!

Saturday Will & I walked around downtown Vienna -- I don't remember doing much of anything except hanging out in coffee shops & talking & walking in a lot of sun! I had the hugest ice cream in a famous coffee house, the Central Cafe. It was quite touristy -- they even banned smoking! (amazing in Austria) but also just really amazing ice cream.

Sunday we stayed in Altenberg, mostly working, but also had dinner at the restaurant that overlooks the train lines --The Brown Bear. The pictures totally don't do it justice. The food is great and it is amazingly beautiful.

Saturday night we went shopping in the only open store in Vienna, which happens to be in the train station on the way to the KLI, and we met two people we knew! One who we are moving into her old apartment (they coerce tenants into looking for their own replacements here by requiring 3 months notice!), and the other someone from the KLI, Astrid again. She said she had ridden her bike out to the KLI (about 24 km!) but the chain had slipped just as she started back. So Will & I went looking for the bike after eating lunch (it was locked near the restaurant.) There is a lake there and it seemed like the whole town must be out swimming (except for the ones in kayaks.) Still, there were enough people to be looking at us funny for going through all the bikes trying to find Astrids! English competence is pretty high here, so we were saying really loudly "gee, that isn't a black & blue bike, oh, that one is, but the chain looks fine, I wonder where she left her bike?" the whole time. Anyway, we never found it.

See, now this is exactly how boring most blogs (& diaries) are!