Blogging is way better than writing email, because you get to see when and for how long people from various cities read your blog... so you know how much time its worth spending writing it!


Tom said…
Thanks for this brief comment on blogging. My only exposure to the concept was that it is mostly ranting and raving on some subject, with interspersed occasional gems of information or wisdom thrown in. Since I am a fairly slow reader and have wide interests, I haven't been drawn to all of the corporate or public blogs.
Joanna said…
Well, blogging is just like any other writing in that respect -- and mostly, people I think only read things either by people they know, or people that are actually well respected. The vast majority of blogs are just diaries, but the weird thing is they are published in some sense regardless of whether anyone else thinks they have any value. But the vast majority don't get read by any more people than a private one!